Yoga Teacher Training

Evolving + Educating in BLiSS

 Shine Om Yoga Teacher Training

We are thrilled to announce a program in education of yoga to deepen your personal journey. This teacher training program commences every Fall, as it consists of two sections of learning and one practical period of study.  We adhere, are recognized and apply with the guidance supported in education through the Canadian Yoga Alliance and the International Yoga Federation.

BLiSS is also a Certified Private Educational Institute through the Federal Government.  Our official status as a Certified Private Educational Institute allows an inviting tax benefit as well as improved standards of education in excellence:

  • Tuition Fee Receipt (T2202A) for Income Tax for your YTT 350 hour course.
  • Education and Textbook credit for their Income Tax Return.

YTT 350 hours (Limited enrollment of 18 per session)

2015-2016 Program commences September 3, 2015.

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